• -What the issue is?
  • -Why it is debatable?
  • -What side do you favour?
  • -How you think it can be resolved?

Well, it is not uncommon to see debates getting sparked on minor or major issues and the one that I would like to talk about is the topic which is very much in controversies these day is that whether the employees (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) should be allowed to continue to work from home or not. Actually, during Covid-19 pandemic, lots of companies allowed their workers to continue their work from home as it was not feasible to visit offices during complete lockdown. Since, now the situation has improved but the society is bifurcated. There are those who believe this change has allowed the professionals to strike a better balance between their professional and personal lives who were wasting hours traveling to and from work. However, the other segment believes work efficiency and commitment have taken a backseat as there is no interaction with colleagues (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) and no supervision of superiors. I too personally believe that professionalism is badly affected as working people are developing a lethargic attitude towards work. Considering the situation, I think the best way out to resolve this debate is to have an arrangement under which employees are expected to visit their workplace for few days a week while for the rest they may continue to work from home which is the most viable solution to this ongoing debate.

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