-When it was?

-Who was the teacher?

-What exactly happened?

-How did you feel about it ?

Well I have learnt from many teachers and with most I had good experience But, with one teacher I had a really negative experience which I am going to share now. The name of this teacher is Mrs. Sharma and I must say I didn’t like anything about this teacher. I vividly remember when I was in 8th grade I was not very good at mathematics. My father decided to get me extra classes for mathematics and made me join extra classes with Mrs. Sharma. She used to teach at her home in the evening And I started to take classes in the evening with her. But I must say I never enjoyed learning with Mrs. Sharma. She had a truly rude behavior. She could never ever talk politely to the students and never clear their doubts Students used to be so much frightened of her and never asked any question. In fact, she used to punish us a lot. At the same time, I never liked her teaching method as well. She only helped us in already solved examples in the book and when it comes to difficult questions she used to make excuses. I also didn’t like the learning (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) atmosphere at her place. She was having 2 little kids who were extremely noisy and naughty and I always had hard time concentrating on my work. This is not all, she often get involved in household chores while teaching us. For example, she often get into the kitchen to cook food for the family and this thing used to irritate the students a lot. I tried to complain about her to my parents but they were thinking, I am trying to make excuses and it was revealed when my result got declared. Earlier at least I was passing in the subject but after attending extra classes with Mrs. Sharma I failed. Overall, I can say that she is the one with whom I had a bad experience

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