-What it is?                                                                                              

-How you know about it?                                                                      

-How much it would cost you?

Well, I appreciate all different forms of art but paintings are my all-time favorite. Here I am going to talk about a painting which I would love to have. Actually, last month, I attended an art exhibition where I came across beautiful paintings of named artists. I was amazed to see how skill fully these paintings were made which were of natural scenes, famous buildings, historical monuments and portraits of famous personalities but the one that impressed me the most was the portrait of “Guru Nanak” painted by the famous painter of Punjab “Sobha Singh”. He is known for painting, portraits of Sikh gurus with his imagination and the one that I liked was of Guru Nanak in which he is wearing a yellow turban and his hand is also visible as he is showering blessings. The painter makes use of natural colors and had taken care of every minute detail because of which Guru Nanak’s expression of smiling looks so real. It is a huge painting almost 4 by 3 feet in size and framed beautifully in a wooden frame which is carved aesthetically. Actually, I wanted to purchase this massive piece so that I could mount it on the wall of our prayer room. Unfortunately, where I ask the price, I got shocked as it was worth 40,000. Though, I was little disappointed but I truly appreciate the work of Sobha Singh and it is my desire to buy this painting one day for sure.


-Where you met?                                                                                        

-What you did together?                                                                 

-How long you spent together?

Well, life has become really busy these days that even family members do not get time to spend together. I will definitely take this opportunity to talk about the time when we family members were together after a very long period of time and it happened almost 2 months ago when it was my cousin’s wedding. The fact is that almost 5 years ago we were living in a joint family. I was living along my Uncle, aunts and cousins and it was a family of 12 people. But for some reasons my father had to move to a city and at the very same time, one of my uncles moved to Canada, and the other Uncle moved to Delhi for business. Because of engagements, we could never get the opportunity to personally visit or meet each other. As said it was my cousin’s wedding, and this was the time the entire clan was together. We were not only excited about the wedding of the cousin but also super excited about the meeting each other after so long. We welcomed and greeted each other warmly and I hugged my all cousins and I was surprised to see them the way they had grown up in such a short period of time. at this wedding we have a lot of fun together we gossiped for hours we enjoyed the food and the drinks and the best part was dancing along my cousins and the entire family on loud music. In fact, we were all well dressed up for this occasion and during this time a group photograph was clicked in which we all family members are standing along the wedding couple. So, this picture is more like a memory for all of us to be together after so long. And the best part is that after the wedding both of my uncles and their families stayed with us for a week time and during this time we spent a lot of time together and recalled the memories of being together earlier. Overall, I can say that it was the time when my entire family was together after long time.


-Who the person is?

-For what he/she inspired?

-Why he/she inspired

-What did you do afterwards?

-How did you feel about it

Well, inspiration is something that most people need and if they get it by right person at right time, they can do wonders. I would definitely love to share my personal experience when I got inspired by one of my friends. The fact is that my friend Karan is a great inspiration for me and recently he inspired me to join swimming classes for many different reasons. Let me tell you first that I have hydrophobia. I really cannot get close to water bodies like beaches, rivers but in contrast my friend Karan is a travel bug, who loves to visit places near water and every time he shows me his pictures of sailing in a boat, rafting on a river, enjoying at the beach activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and he always try to convince me to join him to such places but because (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh)of my   hydrophobia I really cannot do it that’s the reason why he motivated and encouraged me to join swimming classes in the sport center in my city. The fact is that he said that if I could learn swimming, I would never have the phobia, at the same time, swimming as we know is a life-saving skill which means I can not only save my own life but I can help people in trouble as well. Another reason for the inspiration was, for some time I was not feeling active and fit. I was feeling lethargic and I was putting up some weight. So, Karan recommended me to surely join swimming classes because it is one of the best activities to stay fit and healthy because it involves the moment of each and every muscle. Interesting thing is that he said that it is the best thing to do especially during the summers. As we know during the hot summer days we really do not feel like doing anything because of sweating, and swimming is one thing that can really help us to get relief from scorching heat. I was really inspired with his talks and he definitely convinced me to join a sport center in the city and now I have learnt to swim to a great extent and I have no more hydrophobia and the credit goes to my friend who inspired me.


-Name of the stadium?

-What facility it has?

-How often you visit there?

-How important it is for your hometown?

Well, the administration provides various amenities to facilitate the lives of dwellers and one such facility is stadium about which I would like to talk now. The name of the stadium is ‘Young India” and it is extremely popular among the sports enthusiasts in my hometown. This stadium is especially for team sports like cricket, hockey, football and others. As youngsters in my area are quite interested in these sports. The stadium is massive in size with sitting capacity of 20,000 equipped with flood lights to organise day-night matches. This stadium often hosts various matches and people watch them with great excitement. It not only hosts major tournaments but also organise regular training for young sports person. Free coaching is provided to inspire the youth towards sports and keep away from drugs. In fact, sports equipment and gym facility are also available and like many other youngsters (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) of my area, I too visit there every evening. Playing games keeps me fit and healthy and also gives me an opportunity to socialize. The council is doing a great job of maintaining and improving this facility which is very important for the youngsters in my area and in times to come these youngsters will play for the national teams.


-What this place is?

-Where it is located?

-Have you been there?

-Why would you recommend it to others?

Well, India is a diverse country and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations as it has hundreds of worth-seeing places. One place that I would surely recommend everyone to visit at least once in a lifetime is the city Amritsar. Amritsar is one of the historical cities of Punjab and it is especially popular worldwide because of the presence of Golden Temple. I have been to Amritsar and I have visited golden temple many times and there are few things that I would like to recommend here to others who have not visited this place yet. Golden temple is also considered as to be the 8th wonder of the world. It is one of the most important historical (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) temples of Sikhs. As the name reflects the building is actually made of pure gold in fact tone of gold. The unique architecture of this building makes it super special because the prime building is erected right in the middle of the holy pond. Millions of tourists from all different parts of the world visit Amritsar each year to pay their obeisance at golden temple. But I must say that visitors should definitely check out the food as well at Amritsar, because it is one of the best places to try authentic Punjabi taste here. There are hundreds of fine dine restaurants and thousands of street food corners where people can enjoy a wide range of food. I must say that one thing is that it is more like a shoppers Paradise. There are many malls and shopping strips where people can buy anything but it is particularly famous for the traditional objects of Punjab. So, all these things make Amritsar more like a tourist hub where they can find everything. Overall, it is one place in my country that I would definitely recommend others to visit.


-When it was?

-Where you were?

-What exactly happened?

-How did you feel?

Well in India it’s not uncommon to experience extreme weathers. Sometimes it gets really foggy, sometimes it rains so heavily but I am going to share my recent experience of getting trapped in heavy snowfall. The fact is that last year, I visited with my friends to Manali. We especially visited this place in the month of December as we had never ever experienced the snowfall in our life. As per the forecast, it was supposed to snow and that is reason that why we planned this trip. We got in Manali by 6 in the evening and we were eagerly waiting for the snow to fall but it did not snow in time which was expected at 7 pm. We hit our hotel room and we were thinking the next day we will have a lot of fun in the snow. We will play with snow balls, enjoy skating, skiing and the next day, we were also supposed to leave Manali later in the evening. Somewhere around 11pm one of my friends shouted as it has already started to snow since it was too late we could not get out of the hotel room. We decided to enjoy it in the morning but when we got up and we got to know from the hotel reception that the weather has got extremely bad. It has been snowing heavily since last night and because of that orange alert has been declared and we were not supposed to leave hotel room. You won’t believe that we could not do anything just watch the snow falling from our hotel window. The snowfall continued for the next two (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) days and there was kind of snow walls all around. It was around 4 to 5 feet’s snowfall all around even the cars were not visible any more. The weather was so extreme that even there was a power cut and we were shivering in our hotel room. And the three days, we were trapped in our hotel room and we were in blankets. And this heavy snowfall totally ruined our plan of holidays. Finally, the roads were clear when the snow stopped and we immediately travelled back to our hometown as we were already late by two days. Overall, I can say it was the worst experience that I had due to bad weather.


-When it was?

-Who was the teacher?

-What exactly happened?

-How did you feel about it ?

Well I have learnt from many teachers and with most I had good experience But, with one teacher I had a really negative experience which I am going to share now. The name of this teacher is Mrs. Sharma and I must say I didn’t like anything about this teacher. I vividly remember when I was in 8th grade I was not very good at mathematics. My father decided to get me extra classes for mathematics and made me join extra classes with Mrs. Sharma. She used to teach at her home in the evening And I started to take classes in the evening with her. But I must say I never enjoyed learning with Mrs. Sharma. She had a truly rude behavior. She could never ever talk politely to the students and never clear their doubts Students used to be so much frightened of her and never asked any question. In fact, she used to punish us a lot. At the same time, I never liked her teaching method as well. She only helped us in already solved examples in the book and when it comes to difficult questions she used to make excuses. I also didn’t like the learning (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) atmosphere at her place. She was having 2 little kids who were extremely noisy and naughty and I always had hard time concentrating on my work. This is not all, she often get involved in household chores while teaching us. For example, she often get into the kitchen to cook food for the family and this thing used to irritate the students a lot. I tried to complain about her to my parents but they were thinking, I am trying to make excuses and it was revealed when my result got declared. Earlier at least I was passing in the subject but after attending extra classes with Mrs. Sharma I failed. Overall, I can say that she is the one with whom I had a bad experience


-What it was?

-Where you were?

-Why you had to walk?

-How did you feel?

Well, walking barefoot is not very common as most of the time we are in footwears according to the need but hear I am going to share an experience when I had to walk barefoot. Almost a month ago I was on my regular visit to Gurudwara and as a ritual we must take off the footwear before entering the premises. I spent around fifteen minutes inside praying the lord, but when I came out I found my flip-flops missing. Though I was shocked and angry yet I cooled myself down considering God wanted me to help somebody in need. Since I had no other option and I was not too far from my home, I decided to walk barefoot. It was not easy for me as I am not in habit of walking barefoot. Small pebbles were hurting my feet but I was enjoying the mild pain as it was giving the feeling of acupressure. On the way to my home there is a small park so I decided to walk barefoot on the lush green grass for some time because it is considered as to be the best activity to (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) relax mind and body. Finally, I reached home and when my brother saw me without wearing footwear and started laughing hysterically. I got into my room and clean my feet before getting another pair of flip-flops from my shoes rack. Overall, it was a very different experience I had of walking barefoot for long.


-What rule it is?

-Why how follow it?

-How you feel to follow it?

Would you recommend others to follow?

Well, there are hundreds of rules that we have to follow and most of the time we do not feel like following them as its more like a compulsion. Here I would like to talk about one rule which I follow whole-heartedly and I like the most and this particular rule is of ‘NOT TO LITTER’ at public places. It’s quite unfortunate that my country is one of the dirtiest countries of the world. It’s not actually the country is dirty but people are very careless toward maintaining cleanliness, especially when it comes to public places. Whenever they visit any public place for example parks, gardens or they use public transport they do not hesitate to throw the waste wherever they wish. It’s not uncommon to see empty plastic bottles, aluminium cans ,chips bags here and there and it justifies that people are not following this rule at all. But I always try to follow it and for this reason whenever I travel or visit any public place I always keep a plastic bag with me. This is to ensure that (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) I do not litter, if I eat a candy or have a cold drink I keep the waste in that plastic bag and Whenever possible or I see a dustbin around I dump it properly. In fact, if I am at a public park and I see an empty can or plastic bag I don’t hesitate to pick it and dispose it properly. Sometimes I see people are so careless they just throw wherever they wish and I intentionally pick the waste right in front of them and dispose it properly which often embarrass them as well. The Government of India is doing   a lot to make India Clean and I think it is the duty of each and every Indian to play it’s part. This is the reason why I always try to keep my surroundings clean. There is an NGO in my city that run campaigns regarding cleanliness and I always participate as a volunteer. Actually, if somebody does not follow this rule at public places he or she has to pay a penalty of one thousand rupees. but it’s not strictly implemented at all, that’s the reason why we don’t see anyone following this rule. So, I would really love to see if Government strictly apply this rule in future and people too become responsible towards it and just like me and follow it whole-heartedly.


-When was it?

-Who gifted it?

-What flower did you received?

-Why do you like it so much?

Well, gifting flowers on special occasions is very common in my country as most people love to receive flower as gift for their beauty and aroma and here I am going to narrate an incident when I received a very special handmade flower from my friend Simran. Actually, Simran and I are fast friends but last year due to some misunderstanding we had a break-up. It was not easy for me to live without him because we always used to study and play together. He was very close to my heart with whom I could share everything (feeling/secrets). I tried to contact him a few times but he did not reply. Now, I was feeling that we can never be together again but on valentines’ day, the door knocked and when I opened, to my surprise it was Simran standing with a beautiful flower in his hand and while offering the flower to me he apologized. To see this, (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) I got emotional and hugged him tightly. I was on cloud nine to have my friend back. The flower grabbed my attention because I was thinking it was a natural rose but was made of paper looking exactly like a real one. He said that it took him hours to make this one for me not only to express his feelings but to keep our friendship alive forever unlike natural flower that dies in few days. I got the point and promised him to keep this flower with me forever. I am keeping it in my study area and every time I see it, it reminds me of my promise.

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