9. DESCRIBE A TIME WHEN NOISE DISTURBED YOU. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

  • – When it was?
  • – What the noise was about?
  • – How it disturbed you?
  • – How did you feel?

Well, noise is something that irritates most people and I’m not an exception. Here I would like to share one such experience when I was bothered 😕 by my nephew. My nephew Simran is one of the most ill-mannered child 👦 I have ever come across. He came over to stay with us for couple of days during holidays few months ago and during this time he created a lot of nuisance. He is extremely demanding by nature and wants lollies and chocolates 🍫 all the time and if you don’t get him right away he starts shouting loudly. Moreover, Simran is in habit of watching TV 📺 all the time and plays it very loud and if you request him to drop the volume he begins throwing things here and there. He was too much disturbing during the time and didn’t let me study 📖 at all. He turned my room into a complete mess but I couldn’t say him much. He used to sleep 😴 late and never let me rest or sleep too. I can’t explain how painful 😣 he was. Finally, after two days his parents come to pick him up and I was grateful to them. I wish his parents give him some moral values to help him mend his behaviour. So that he became a loveable child who doesn’t disturb others unduly.


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