7. TALK ABOUT CHOCOLATE YOU DIDN’T LIKE. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

– When it was?

-How you got the chocolate?

-Why you didn’t like it?

Well, chocolates are my all-time favourite and I like almost every type of chocolate but here I would like to talk about a time when I didn’t like the chocolate at all that I had. Actually, my uncle lives in US, was visiting us and during this time, he brought me a box of chocolate wrapped in silver. As soon as he left, I got super excited to open the box and eat American chocolates which I was yearning for a long time. However, my excitement turned into disappointment as the chocolates were Chinese made because the box had Chinese language all over it and at this point I realized that the uncle must have purchased it from a two-dollar shop rather than a chocolate boutique. When I unwrapped the chocolate I got furious as it was a white Chocolate which I do not like at all because it doesn’t taste like a chocolate at all. When I had a bite there were no nuts as shown on the label which was totally unacceptable. To make the taste worst it had orange jellies inside which had nothing to do with a chocolate. I really could not withstand the taste of the chocolate and decided to gift my friends to get rid of these chocolates, but you won’t believe my friends too didn’t like the taste at all and the chocolates ended up in the dustbin. In fact, they made fun of me when they got to know these were American chocolates gifted by my uncle. Overall, it was the chocolate that I tasted and didn’t like.


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