Talk about a positive change in you

-what it is
-what brought this change
-how do you feel about it


Well, life teaches us many lessons and these lessons bring a huge change in our attitude. I would take this opportunity to talk about a positive change in my attitude which came due to a recent incident. Actually, some time ago I was not a punctual person at all. I never used to do anything on time and often get late. I vividly remember a few months ago my exams were on and one morning I had to get up early in the morning and get ready for school on my own as my parents were away but I didn’t sleep till late and in the morning, I got late for the school. By the time, I reached the examination had already started and I got panicked and because of the nervousness I couldn’t do well and throughout the time I was recalling my parents advise to learn the value of time. Due to poor performance I failed in the exam but this incident brought a huge change in me. From that day, I started to do everything on time. In fact, I make a proper routine and make at to-do list so, I do not delay or forget any work. Doing everything on time saves a lot of time for me which I can utilize on my favourite activities and the best part is that I feel active and energetic all the time. My parents are also very happy about this change and overall it is something positive which has brought a change in my personality.

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