Talk About Something That You Would Like To Gift To Your Friend

Well, it is something very common in my country to gift each other on special occasions especially useful things as it really helps to strengthen the bonding among people. Here, I would like to talk about one thing that I am planning to gift to my friend on his coming birthday. Simran is my fast friend from almost 10 years now and it is his birthday, the very next weak. For this I have decided to gift him a book that would help him to learn French language. Why french learning book? The reason behind, my friend is planning to move to canada by the end of this month with his family and for that reason I want to gift him something very special. Since, french is second official language in Canada and it is good to have a knowledge of the fundamentals of this language and definitely this book will help my friend in improving his french speaking skills. The thing is that this book is not available in the local market. For that reason, I am planning to purchase it online from Amazon which I would later wrap and pack beautiful before I hand over to my friend. I am very sure that this gift would really help to strengthen our bonding because he can carry this book along to Canada and there we will feel connected with each other despite in different countries. I am pretty sure that my friend would love the gift when he would receive it and it would be something that he can use for long time as well. So that’s why it is something that I am planning to give to my friend.

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