-Name of the Café’.                                                                            -Where it is located.                                                                                -When and with whom you visit there.                                                   -Why you like it so much.

Well, it is quite common these days for people to visit cafe’ to have a cup of tea or coffee ☕️. Here I would like to talk about a cafe I visit regularly to sit and enjoy talks with my friends. This café is right in the city-centre. Actually, on Sundays we all friends are mostly free and in the evening time we love to sit at this café coffee day. It is a very famous brand known for its authentic taste and quality ambience. This place has a very comfortable furniture where we can sit for hours without being tired. One can enjoy a wide range of beverages and snacks but we mostly order cappuccino with sandwich 🥪. Not only the taste of food but the way it is presented is just amazing. The best part is that one can enjoy music which makes the experience of visiting this place quite enjoyable. In fact, sometimes they invite guitarist to play live music as well. In addition, this cafe is quite peaceful and without being bothered 😕 we can sit and enjoy gossiping. I must say the staff of this place is also very cordial. They talk very politely and give the best customer service experience. Although this place is little expensive as we spend around 500rs to enjoy just a cup of coffee and a sandwich but the good this is that we can avail some discount with special coupons and vouchers. Overall, due to all these factors it is my favourite cafe.

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