6. TALK ABOUT A WAR (NOT RELATED IN UKRAIN & RUSSIA). May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

  • -What the war was about? 
  • -Who fought it?    
  • -How you learnt about it?      
  • -What happened in this war?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Well, numerous wars between different nations have shaped today’s world and when we read history books we get to know about what different factors led to war situations. Here I would like to talk about a war of SARAGARI about which I not onlylearnt through my history book but also by watching a movie based on this historical event. This battle was actually fought between a Sikh regiment and afghans. This regiment of 21 Sikhs was deployed to protect the fort of Saragadi when out of nowhere 10,000 Afghans attacked the fort. The regiment had no option other than either surrender or flee, but these 21 brave soldiers decided to fight against the Afghans and halt their progress as long as possible. The Afghans were thinking they would capture the fort in like 10 minutes but the courage and the magnificent fighting skills of just 21 Soldiers made the battle last for hours and during this more than 1000 afghans were killed. This long halt at Saragadi completely ruined the plan of further movement of the enemy. Though all the 21 soldiers died in this battle yet for their thumping display all were honored with the highest gallantry award by Queen of England. When you watch the movie you get to know, how each of these soldiers contributed in this battle which gives you goose bumps. In fact, there is a war memorial in my country where enthusiasts can learn more about this war and I personally recommend everyone to must read about this war in more detail.


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