Well, people always have some plans related to their work and study. I always keep on attending some short courses along with my regular study to acquire new skills. For example, I have taken driving classes, music classes as well as French classes some time ago. But now I am planning to take cooking classes that I think I would need in near future. There are quite a few reasons why I want to opt for this course. The fact is that I am planning to move to Canada for my higher study very soon. Obviously, there would be no one to cook for me. For that reason, I really need to learn how to cook food so that I can survive in that new country. This way, I would be able to save myself from eating outside food all the time. As many of my friends who are already in Canada and do not know how to cook food, have to buy outside food which is certainly not only unhealthy but very expensive also. In addition, along with my study I will be doing there some kind of part time job as well. So, if I know how to cook food I can easily find a job in a restaurant. Well, soon I will be having holidays and during this time I am going to take help of my mother in learning this skill. She is a wonderful cook and can cook almost anything so learning this skill from her would also allow me to spend some extra time with my mother. Apart from this, there is an institute in my city that offers short cookery courses. Hence, I am planning to join this institute as well. So that I can learn most of the basic Punjabi cuisine along with some international ones. I am pretty sure I will enjoy taking cooking classes and I will learn it very quickly since I have deep interest in cooking. Overall, cooking is one skill that I am planning to learn in near future.

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