-When it was                                                                                          -Where it was                                                                                         -On what thing you spent lot of money                                                  -How did you feel

Well, I must say I am frugal Spender who really don’t believe in wasting money and spending on unnecessary things. but lately for my cousin’s wedding I ended up spending more than expected. The fact is that on this wedding I was going to be the best man and I was super excited about it.  I wanted to look something special on this day. For that reason, I visited the branded Store at local shopping mall where I could buy some party wears. At one store, I was able to found what I was actually looking for. It was a pant coat black in colour and elegantly design, the cost of the suit was 15000 that was little too high however, I liked it so much so I decided to buy it. In fact, the sales guy showed me white shirt that would go really well with the pant coat and he compelled me to buy it. finally, I paid 20,000 at this store and came back with these two things and later in the evening I tried the attire to check my looks. At this point I realised that I was not having matching formal shoes to wear with this dress. So, I went to market to buy a new pair and it cost me another 4,000 rupees. Finally, I was thinking it’s all over now and I am ready for this wedding. One of my friends suggested me that this dress is incomplete without some accessories I must wear a tie or bow and a brooch to look classier and more elegant. so, I had to spend a few more thousands to get all these things. Now it was the wedding evening and I was beautifully dress up I must say that I received hundreds of compliments from my near and dear ones for looking handsome in the dress and I realised that it was worth spending this much of money overall, it was the time when I spent a lot of money on something.

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