-What the activity is?                                                                                  -How often you do it?                                                                                  -Why it is a waste of time?                                                                     -How you feel while doing it?

Well, life has become extremely fast and busy and people often complain🙄 that they are short on time yet we waste a lot of time⏲️ intentionally or unintentionally. Here I would like to talk about an activity that I do on regular basis and it waste my hours easily. The fact is that, I am quite active on social media which is more like a need 🤔 these days. It is a more practical way to remain in touch with friends and relatives as it saves lot of time and energy when compared to meeting others personally. But sometimes, I feel I waste😕 too much time on this. Firstly, I have a huge🤷🏻‍♂️ network of friends who are active on different apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and others and for their sake I always have to remain active on these platforms😁. In addition, people sometimes share post 😏unduly and always expect from others to comment and few of my friends are so obsessed that they get angry 😡with me if I don’t comment in time. Similarly, every second day it is someone’s birthday 🎂🥳and I have to spare time to wish them. Moreover, these platforms are bombarded with advertisements which are extremely 🤔tempting and once I get on these sites to check anything I end up wasting a lot of time. I feel very bad 😞because now I am kind of addicted to use these platforms. I can utilize this time in a more productive manner that I waste here unduly.

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