-What it was?                                                                                                   -When did you learn it?                                                                        -How did you learn it?                                                                             -How was the overall experience? Well, there are some skills that are quite essential to survive in present time and one such skill -is driving which I learnt and found quite challenging. Actually, I had a great deal of fear on my mind towards driving. So that I could gain confidence, my father got me enrolled at a driving school. Mr. Singh was my driving instructor and was really friendly and soft spoken. On my first day he helped me to gain control over the steering though we were driving in a ground with nothing around, I was still scared and trembling. But my instructor motivated me to boost my confidence. Once I got hold on the steering, the next thing was to drive on the highway. Frankly speaking every-time a truck was coming from the other side I was getting off the road in fear. This time my trainer got little angry with me and said, you must keep the courage, if you want to learn this skill. Slowly and steadily I got more and more comfortable driving on the road in different conditions. I was feeling like now I have learnt this skill and I can drive in any condition alone. But then came the most challenging part which was to drive in the city centre the area with heavy traffic. I got goose-bumps to drive in this busy area. The car was hardly moving because of busy traffic and my car engine was getting off again and again. But this time I kept the courage though I had a minor accident with an auto rickshaw. I learnt a lot from my mistakes and experience of Mr. Singh and today I can confidently drive a car but It was not easy to acquire to this skill

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