-When it was?                                                                                         -Why you moved?                                                                             -Where you moved?                                                                             -How was the overall experience?

Well, these days it is quite common to see people moving from one pace to the other for different reasons and I too have experienced the same thing when I was in 8th grade. Actually, earlier we used to live in a village in a joint family with my grandparents and uncles and aunts. The Experience of being together was amazing and the peaceful life of a village away from the hustle and bustle of cities cannot be explained in words. However, for my higher studies and better future my family decided to move to city. It was not easy for all of us to leave our ancestors house to live separately in a city where nobody knew us. We were finding it hard to adapt to the new place. Luckily, our neighbour Mr. Singh was really a friendly and kind-hearted person. He helped us in every possible way to make us feel at ease. Surprisingly, his son Karan was my age mate and I got admission in the same school where he was studying and Just because of Karan I could easily adjust at school and made many friends. In fact, on weekends Mr. Singh along with his family used to take us for city tours. Although, we missed our family and village house initially a lot but slowly and steadily we got used to city life especially, visiting shopping malls, Cafe’s, parks, playing in grounds, studying in libraries and others. Overall, it was the time we moved our dwelling place.

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