To be honest, I’m a person who stays awake till late night but find it really hard to get up early in the morning. But here I would like to share one incident when I had to get up quite early in fact, 3Am. Actually, during last summer my family decided to go for a weekend trip to Shimla, as the weather was really hot, so we decided to go to Shimla which is a beautiful hill station and famous for its pleasant weather but my father decided to start this journey at 3 in the morning. As soon as I heard my excitement turned into disappointment because I never want to get up that early in the morning. Any how I had to get up just like others family members, we all got up at around 2 Am and we got ready for this journey. In fact, I helped my mother in packing the food as well as luggage and we started our journey at sharp 3Am, I must say that my father took a good decision because just because of that we avoided travelling in the sun. During this time the temperature was quite low and we had a comfortable journey in our car, one other thing that I must say is that at this time there was hardly any vehicle on the road, so we covered much distance in less time. We also avoided the peak hour traffic of major cities on the way, our early starts gave us extra time to spend in Shimla doing variety of activities and because of this journey we did not get tired as well, Thought being a night person I was not willing to get up early but that day I realized the importance of getting up early or having an early start.

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