5. TALK ABOUT A POSITIVE COMMENT YOU RECEIVED. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

  • -When it was                                                                                              
  • -What exactly happened?     
  • -Who passed the comment?
  • -How did you feel?

Well, whenever I do something good and nice, I receive appreciation and positive comments and here I would like to talk about the incident when I helped an old lady. Almost two months ago I was on my regular visit to a park for evening walk when I saw an old lady sitting under the shade of a tree with a small bag and crying. I could not resist myself and approached to enquire why she is crying. She said her son has abandoned her and now she has no money and place to live. It was really disappointing to hear and I decided to help her as I could see my grandmother in her. I took her to an aged-care center and requested the manager to accommodate her and narrated the story of the lady. The manager was very impressed with my act of kindness and appreciated my work. He said these days even families keep no love for their elders but you have done a great job by bringing her here. In fact the old lady also gave me blessings for helping her. The manager encouraged me to become a volunteer for the organization as I as have a soft corner for the people in need. On his recommendation I have become a volunteer with this centre and I visit this place on weekends and spend some time with the old people who have no families. Spending time and taking care of them gives me peace of mind and the appreciation and blessing I receive can’t be explained in words. I wish could continue to help people in need and I must say one positive comment has brought a huge change in my life.


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