Well, cleverness is something that one must have to deal with difficult situations in life. Though I am not that cunning but I feel lucky to have few clever friends who always make difficult things easy for me. Here I would like to talk about Raj my best friend from school days who always have clever solutions to my problems. Actually, last year I had to attend a reunion party and I was really excited about it. However, I got little disappointed ☹️ to read the invitation as it was a theme party which mean I had to dress up according to the theme. Every guest had to dress up like a Bollywood star to attend the party. Since I was not having a suitable dress to wear I had to buy one. I checked out multiple stores but couldn’t find anything that fits into my pocket. A dress that I especially liked was of Cinderella/ James Bond but the price was too high. At this point I got upset 😔 and was literally crying because I couldn’t attend the party to meet my friends. Fortunately, my clever friend Raj visited my place in the evening and I discussed my problem with him. To hear my problem, he started laughing 😆 and said the problem can be solved within seconds. He took me to a fashion store where one can rent some of the most elegant dresses and I never knew about it. I found the same dress at this store which I wanted to wear and rather than buying I could rent it just for 1000 Rs for one day. I was on cloud nine and hugged my friend tightly for helping me out. At the party I was the centre of attraction and it all happened because my friend gave a clever solution.

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