-Name of the athlete                                                                                               

-What sport he plays                                                                          

-How well you know about him                                                                    

-Why he is your favourite athlete

Well, I’m sports loving person as it is the biggest source of entertainment for me. I would like to take the opportunity to talk about an athlete who is my favourite and I follow him fanatically. The name of this sports-star is Virat Kohli and he is the captain of the Indian cricket 🏏 team. I often read articles in newspapers and magazines on him. He is such a talented sportsman that in no time he became the best cricketer in the world. He is primarily a batsman and he has hundreds of records on his name in all the formats of cricket. In addition, he is extremely athletic which makes him the best fielder. His body is so flexible and his reflexes are extremely sharp that he never miss any catch. With his outstanding fielding he saves 10-20 runs for his team in every match. Because, he is the captain of the team so with his performance he always sets an example for other team members. To maintain his stamina and energy level on the field he spends hours in the gym doing the work-out. I can never forget the incident when he got injured while batting but rather than leaving the ground he played till the end to help India win. In fact, I follow him on social media as well where he often share photographs with his wife Anushka who is also very athletic working-out at gym. Virat is my role model and I wish to be a famous athlete like him one day.

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