Well, taking decision is a part of our routine life and we take numerous minor as well as major decisions during our life-time. Here I am going to talk about a decision which was not an easy one for me to take and it was the decision of choosing a stream to study after completing 10th class. I vividly remember when I completed my 10th class I had to choose a field for my higher study. My inclination was always towards the commerce stream because I wanted to study business but my parents were compelling me to join non-medical stream. They had their own justification because they knew about the opportunities and prospects in the field. But rather than going against my parent’s decision, I decided to do a bit of research before taking my final decision. I checked out some blogs where students had shared their experience related to their decisions related to their higher studies and their consequences. However, from that information I was not in the position to draw any conclusion. Luckily, one of my friends who live in Canada randomly called me that day and I discussed my problem with him. He too recommended me to opt for science field as it is going to benefit me in long run. In fact, he suggested me to move to Canada for further study after completing 10+2 as the quality education of Canadian institutes in recognized worldwide. Finally, I was convinced and I took the decision to get along with my parents wish who was also delighted to hear, but, overall, it was quite a hard decision that I took.

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