Well, I am a travel bug and I never miss an opportunity to travel different places. Most of the time I travel to new places with my family but, I would like to talk about a recent journey I made with my friends. The fact is that, after 10+2 exams, we were totally free and we wanted to have some fun. We decided to plan a tour that would help us to strengthen our friendship for this we chose to travel to Manali. Though, I had been to Manali quite few times with my family, I wanted to travel this place with friends. Manali is a beautiful hill station and it is really famous for some adventure‚Äôs activities like paragliding, tracking as well as river rafting that I could never enjoy with my parents. Being students, we had limited budget so to cut the cost, we decided to ride motorbike instead of travelling by car. Riding bikes on curvy roads was just an amazing experience and we stopped at quite a few sites to click some photographs too. After reaching Manali, we booked a hotel and the very next morning we were all set to explore the city. We visited some the worth-seeing places in the city and enjoyed river rafting which was extremely adventurous and I can never forget the experience of rafting I had with my friend.  Next day we went to Rohtang which is immensely popular for its snow-capped mountains for activities like skating and snow surfing. Last but not least, there are quite a few night clubs in Manali as well and it was for the first time that I went to a Discotheque with my friends had a lot of fun listening to loud music and dancing along the tunes. During this trip, we clicked hundreds of photographs to preserve the memories and it became one of the best travel experiences that I ever had.

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