4. TALK ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECT. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

  • -What subject it is?                                                                              
  • -When you started learning it?                                                              
  • -What did you learn?                                                                                    
  • -Why it is your favourite subject?

Well, at school I studied variety of subjects such as, languages, history, geography, mathematics and many more but I would take this opportunity to talk about my all-time favourite subject science especially Biology. I had an Inclination toward this subject right from childhood, as science books full of pictures of animals, always captivated me but sixth class onwards the subject got divided into three branches and I particularly became interested to study biology the study of life for different reasons. The main credit goes to our science teacher Mr. Singh who made this subject fun to study with his exceptional teaching skills and friendly Manner. To make this subject even more interesting, he used to teach us with the help of technology particularly animated videos that most young children love. In addition, we also had an opportunity to study the subject in a more practical way as once in a week we could visit laboratory to conduct experiments and I can never forget the experience when for the very first time I saw micro-organisms with the help of a microscope. Last but not least, to develop further interest in this subject my school organized trips to place like science City, botanical gardens and others. In fact, even these days I watch wildlife shows on discovery channel regularly. Since it is my favourite subject and I would like to continue studying it in future as well.


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