What it was?                                                                                              

When it was?                                                                                            

What exactly happen?                                                                                               

How it effects the people?

Well, due to global warming natural disasters are becoming frequent and unfortunately my region got affected by the same two years ago. There was a flood like situation which I can never forget. Actually, during monsoon season it rains heavily in my country but that year it rained continuously for almost a week. I vividly remember, people were so happy for rain initially but soon it turned into a disaster and emergency was declared in my area and people were trapped in their homes. Due to heavy rain ⛈️ the water got clogged on streets and roads which badly affected the🚒 transportation. Everyone was scared😥 and they were checking weather updates on television🖥️. Unluckily, due to thunderstorm the power also went off which created more fear among people. Now, the water💦started to enter the houses especially in low-lying areas and it happened because the sewerage maintenance work was not done in time. Therefore, for the safety of the people state ran a rescue operation. Fortunately, on fifth day the rain🌦️slowed down and we all were thankful to the God. Soon the situation started to get better in terms of drainage of rain water, restoration of power supply and others. We are grateful to the almighty as there was no major loss except some loss of property. Over all, the experienced was extremely horrible.

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