Well, solving puzzles is one of his best mental exercises and people of all ages should be in the habit of playing puzzle games. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my favourite puzzle Sudoku which I started playing when I was hardly 10 years old. As the name suggests this game has its origin in Japan and it is extremely popular among people of all ages. I vividly remember my father introduced me to this game. It is a wonderful mental exercise which stimulates cognitive growth. My father taught me how to solve these puzzles in which there are 9×9 grids and each column must contain 1 to 9 digits without being repeated and he challenged me to solve it. It seemed quite easy and more like a child’s play so I accepted the challenge but soon I realized it’s not that easy. Eventually, I solved the puzzle in 1hr. In those days, it used to appear in every Saturday newspaper and I used to solve it with great enthusiasm. To see my interest developing my father bought me a Sudoku puzzle book with hundreds of puzzles that my sister and I used to solve every evening. This game forced us to use brain more and more and unlike other puzzles a person never gets bored of playing this game. In fact, even today I play Sudoku on regular basis. I have downloaded an application on my smart phone and it has various difficulty levels. I can even compete and win from other players online by solving the puzzle in least number of moves. I highly recommend those who have never played Sudoku to try it once and you will realize how interesting it can be a free time activity that keeps us mentally active and fit.

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