Well, I have a deep interest in sports and I follow different sports tournaments on television such as cricket world cup, football cup and Olympics but here I would like to talk about a cricket match that I watched in a stadium.  Actually, last month I was in Chandigarh for holidays with my friends and there we got to know that it is going to be a T- 20 match of a India vs Australia today.  Though we had planned to visit rock garden but we changed our plan and went to the stadium. The stadium was jam packed and everyone was extremely excited. We were lucky to get seats in the front row to have a better view of the ground. It was my first-time experience to see the players with my naked eyes. The match was quite interesting. Australia batted first and set a target of 200 and now Indian team had to chase it. We all friends were cheering and hooting for the Indian openers who gave a brilliant start to the team but we lost few quickly wickets. Now my favourite batsman Hardik got on to the pitch and with his huge sixes he helped India win the match. We all were jumping in excitement for India’s victory. The best thing about this match was when I caught one of the sixes in stands and I was on the television screen. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would surely like to watch a match in stadium again.

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