Well, I have seen many buildings with unique design contemporary as well as conventional but I would take this opportunity to talk about a very impressive and beautiful building of my city. It is actually the building of a shopping mall recently opened in my city and I had an opportunity to visit. I visited there with my friends and I believe this shopping mall is more like a shopper’s paradise When we reached there we just got amazed because from outside this building just looks breath-taking. This building elevation is entirely made of glass that looks stunning, and it looks exceptionally beautiful at night time when it gets illuminated with thousands of lights and we really couldn’t stop ourselves from taking pictures of this building .In addition, the interior of this building is even more impressive it has column design, because of that from inside it looks enormous in size, I must say this mall has a state-of-art architecture and has a perfect layout. The ground and the first floor have all the major clothing brands where people can enjoy their shopping just under one roof and on the third and fourth floor people can buy anything they want from Footwear’s, accessories to Household items. On the upper levels there are Cinemas, Food Courts, Game Parlours and much more for the Entertainment of the visitors and to access these all different levels, there are lots of escalators and elevators so that people could comfortably access different levels of this building. Interestingly this entire building is climate controlled so that people can enjoy time at the shopping mall without being bothered by the outside weather. Lastly this building also ensures the safety and security of the visitors, there are fire exists, smoke alarms, water sprinklers, Each and everything is there to deal with any kind of emergency. These days this building is more like a landmark of my city and its beautiful design captivate everyone.

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