Talk About An Activity That Keeps you Fit

What the activity is?

When and where you performed?

How it Benefits you?

Would you recommend it to others?

Well, people do different activities to stay fit and healthy but I find morning walk, the best activity to do. I am in habit of going for morning walk for almost two years now and I started this activity on the recommendation of my father. The fact is that because of the sedentary routine and being over occupied with studies. I was feeling kind of lethargic and not involved in any kind of physical activity but on my fathers recommendation who always go for a walk at 6 in the morning. I decided to join him. I do this activity on regular basis now and it benefits me a lot. We go for a walk in the colony park and there is also a jogging track. So I jog there for almost 30 minutes. This activity is more like a panacea. I must say that prior joining this activity I was really lethargic but now I feel quite active and rejuvenated. The morning fresh air really refreshes me and makes me feel physically and mentally fit but there are more benefits apart from this, the main thing is that I do not have to pay anything for this activity because I know my friends who have joined sports center, swimming center , gymnasiums and others. They pay heavily to avail these facilities but I do not have to pay even a single penny. In addition, the free yoga classes provided at the colony park are extremely helpful to me because by doing yoga for 10-15 mins in the morning helps to improve my concentration. At the same time, it gives me healthy time to spend with my father and during this time, I often discuss my personal problems which help to strengthen my bonding with him. Overall, it is a wonderful activity and I recommend to all age groups. At the same time, people who are over or under-weight to get into the habit of morning walk as it is going to bring a huge change in their physical and mental fitness.

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