What it is?
How you learnt about it?
What change it has brought?
How it has changed the people’s life?

Well, Living in 21st century, we come across new inventions every now and then. But, the one that I highly appreciate is the invention of fiber optic. The reason behind the revolution in the internet technology. Needless to say, today we are surrounded with electronic gadgets with high speed internet connectivity. At the same time, most works are done online from Ticket reservations to online shopping. However, in past it was not the case . Although, computers were invented long time ago but, data transmission was extremely slow and expensive. Even text information used to take long time to get transferred forget about audios and videos. But, a sikh scientist Mr. Narinder Singh Kapany from my city moga, moved to America for his further research and invented fiber optic, which could transfer huge amount of information in fraction of seconds. The credit goes to this amazing person who has made our lives extremely comfortable and enjoyable because, today 4G and 5G networks completely depend on his invention. Sitting at our homes, we can watch youtube videos, play online games, make video calls on smart phones and all is possible just because of Mr. Kapany. He has been awarded by the government of America as well as India and many believe he deserves Noble Prize. Unfortunately Mr. kapany died couple of years ago which was a complete disaster he would remain alive in the hearts of the people for his amazing and marvellous invention. I feel proud to tell others that he is from my region, as he has brought a huge fame to the area. Overall, fiber optic is the invention that I think has changed the world.

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