Talk About A Day Which Was Not Expensive

When it was?
What the special day it was?
Why you didn’t have to spend too much?
How did you feel?

Well, these days due to inflation, things do not come for cheap and often we end up spending a lot of money even on little things but I would share one such experience when I had a great enjoyment but I did not spend too much. The time was of the new year celebration, the recent new year eve, when I planned with my friends to go for the
new year celebration but when we enquired in different hotels or restaurants where they were organizing a special party, the price was approximately 4-5 thousand. Being students we really couldn’t afford this much and we were of course little disappointed but we got to know that the city council is planning to have a mega new year celebration in the city park. We got excited to hear that because they had invited the famous singers and comedians for the entertainment of the public. Since it was a public invitation, we didn’t have to pay anything. At 9 pm the concert started and I went there with my friends. The environment was completely electrifying and there were thousands of city dwellers who were pouring to have enjoyment. We enjoyed to the fullest to be honest because we really enjoyed dancing along the tunes and the comedy of the comedians. That time it was around 11 pm and we were little hungry so we checked out some food because there were hundreds of food stalls especially of fast food and we enjoyed our favorite snacks. At sharp 12 am, the fireworks started and everyone wished Happy New Year to each other and everyone was screaming and hooting to celebrate the special moment. We also clicked many photographs during the celebration and later we came home but overall we had a great fun for which we hardly have to pay anything.

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