Talk About A Traditional Object Of Your Country

What it is?

How it is made?

When Did you buy for the first time?

Why you like it?

Well, I come from a country which is famous for its rich culture and heritage and there are so many traditional objects which reflect the Indian culture and it is commonly found in most part of the country is earthen pot. Let me tell you what earthen pot is and how it is made. Earthen pot is a claypot which is used to store and keep the drinking water cool and there is no need of any kind of refrigeration and it is made on potter wheel by rotating wheel and giving it different shapes. Earthen pots come in variety of shapes and often painted in different colors which make them extremely attractive. In past when there was no option of refrigeration, people often store and keep fresh water in these pots but even today when almost every household has refrigerators, people still use the earthen pots especially in the summer season and the reason behind is the medicinal properties of the water kept inside a pot. It remains cooler than the room temperature for long time. At the same time the water that we drink from an earthen pot is much more nutritious. It really helps to improve digestion and also cure gastro problems. We have been using earthen pot for a long time. I remember when I was hardly 7 year old that was the very first time we purchased an earthen pot. Unfortunately I accidentally broke the pot. Since these pots are extremely fragile but the good thing is that these are quite reasonably priced, so one can easily replace it with a new one. In fact its such an interesting object of my country that the tourist who come from different part of the world, they always purchase a small pot on there way back to their country as a souvenir to keep the memories of the visit to India. Overall, It is one traditional object of my country which is extremely popular.

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