25. TALK ABOUT A CREATIVE PERSON WHOSE WORK YOU ADMIRE. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

  • -Who the person is                                                                                 
  • -How you know him                                                                             
  • -What creative work he produces and why you admire him.

Well, not everyone is blessed with creativity but I know few people who have extremely creative and innovative minds. Here I am going to talk about my science teacher Mr. Singh whom I believe to be the most creative person I have ever come across. I feel lucky to be his student during my school days. Needless to say, science is one of the most difficult subjects and a vast majority faces difficulty to understand the subject but our science teacher is truly a genius who always had novel ideas 💡 to teach the students. He used to emphasise / accentuate more on the practical learning than theoretical and for this he used to take us to science laboratory for practical learning frequently. In addition, there are some topics related to physics which are highly impractical to comprehend by reading books📚and to clear such concepts he used to teach us with the help of technology. for example- by playing videos and showing 3D images. In fact, it was also a fun way to learn for students as we never felt bored 😐in his classroom. Last but not least he also used to request school management to organise some excursions to keep the fun🤩element in education. He was such a genius and brainy🧠person that he always had innovative ideas 💡to bring improvements at school. I had a wonderful experience of learning at school especially the science subject and the credit go to the creativity of Mr. Singh.


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