23. TALK ABOUT A QUALITY THAT YOU HAD IN CHILDHOOD. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

– What quality it was?                                                                       

– How it benefitted you?                                                                        

  – How you lost it?                                                                                    

– How you feel about it?

Well, with time we develop various qualities that define our personality and some qualities we could not maintain for a long time and I am going to talk about one such quality that I don’t possess any more. The fact is that when I was quite young I had a very friendly and extrovert nature. At school I had many friends and they all enjoyed my company because of my lively and funny nature. Not only at school I had many friends in my neighbourhood as well. After school I used to spend hours in the playground playing different games there I made lots of friends. I used to remain surrounded with my buddies and gossip for hours. However, with time the study load increased and I could not manage to go to the playground and join my friends, this way, I lost contact with my locality friends. In addition, I developed a reserved nature and got focused towards my study and started to spend hours studying rather than chatting with my friends. At the same time, I became obsessed with technology and started to play games and use social sites to remain virtually connected to friends rather than meeting them in real. Today, I have a very limited friend circle and I not a friendly and jolly as earlier person anymore. I believe it is a negative change as I could not develop strong relationships now and get acquainted with others easily.  I hope I will develop an easy going and extrovert personality again in future.


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