22. TALK ABOUT AN EXPERIENCE OF OBSERVING STARS. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

– When it was?                                                                                          

  – Where and with whom?                                                                        

– What did you observe?                                                                          

   – How did you feel?

Well, stars captivate almost everyone and their presence at night time along with moon is like a cherry on the cake. I have been observing stars since childhood and I can never forget the very first experience when my father helped me to observe. Needless to say, being a child, I often read about stars in my books and had a great curiosity to know more about them. One evening, after having dinner, I was enjoying a walk with my father and during this time he made me understand why there are stars in the sky. He told me that just like planet Earth these stars integral to universe. Since these are too far from us that’s why, they look so small and because they have a lot of energy they shine and twinkle. He said, in my school book I will also read about important patterns and groups that stars form and he said, by observing these patterns I can improve my power of imagination and creativity. In addition, he also showed me the brightest star the pole star which remains fixed at its position and in earlier times sailors used it for navigation. In fact, in those days we did not have air conditioner and we used to sleep on terrace and my father also got me into the habit of counting stars to get good sleep. Last but not least, I also learnt about shooting star from my father which is nothing but debris. However, some superstitious people believe observing shooting star can help to fulfil our wishes. I am grateful to my father for giving me this interesting lesson which developed my interest in the study of universe.


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