21. TALK ABOUT A ROBOT YOU REALLY LIKE. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir.

-What robot it is?                                                                         

-When and where did you see it?                                                         

-What did it do?                                                                                          

-Why you liked it so much?

Well, living in this digital world, the use of Artificially intelligent is growing and I keep profound interest to learn about such machines and I would like to take this opportunity to talk about a robot that I really like and I came across this machine last year during my visit to a restaurant. Actually, during Covid-19 pandemic hotels and restaurants were shut for a long time but later government gave the permission with some restrictions especially, contactless service. The only restaurant in my city to offer this service got into limelight because of robotic waiters. Out of curiosity, we friends visited this place and had a wonderful experience. It was a massive man-sized robot with a massive display and robotic voice that welcomed us and escorted us. It was a unique experience of placing an order because we could see the menu on huge display and with voice command it confirmed the order. This robot could easily move around on wheels and around 15 minutes it came back carrying the food as humans do and placed it on our table. Moreover, this robot had an additional hand to help the guests sanitize the hands before and after their meals. The restaurant had named the robot jack so, if you need anything you simply call jack and he appears in a flash. To keep the memories of this special meal we clicked a selfie with this robot. In fact, despite the Covid-19 restrictions are over this robot is still serving the visitors because it has become extremely popular and many people just visit this restaurant to see how this robot works. I believe in future such machines will become more common as they reduce the chances of errors and also save the cost of hiring staff. Overall, it was the robot I really liked.


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