18. TALK ABOUT A COURSE THAT IMPRESSED YOU. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

  • -What course it was?                                                                                 
  • -Why did you take it?                                                                             
  • -What impressed you in this course?

Well, to learn new skills people often attend some short-term courses and I too have attended many of these but here I would like to talk about the one which impressed me the most and it was a 2 weeks Cookery course that I attended last year. Cooking is an essential skill to possess for all, regardless of gender and age, so to be able to cook food I decided to join this course at an institute in my city. I got impressed by the leaflet I found in the newspaper which stated, become an expert cook in 10 days. Since, I wanted to try my luck in cooking so without thinking much I joined. There were around 10 others in the group and we all were agemates, so I started to enjoy it from day 1. The trainer got us familiar with some of the most common ingredients and taught us the basics. The course was well planned and structed that we learnt cooking Indian curries, snacks, desserts and some international food items. We also learnt some kitchen hacks and some instant recipes to prepare food in no time. I was really impressed the way our trainer taught us and his friendly behaviour because of which we could enjoy the lessons. Today, I can prepare food for myself and my family especially when my mother is not well. In addition, I am planning to move abroad for my higher study and this skill is going to benefit in long run and the credit goes to short course I joined and I would definitely recommend others to join this interesting course.


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