17. DESCRIBE A RESOLUTION YOU MADE IN THE NEW YEAR. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

-What the resolution is?                                                                    

-Why did you make it?                                                                        

 -How you will complete it?

Well, it is not uncommon to see people setting new year resolution with great enthusiasm and excitement, however, most of these turn out to be a flop show. I too made a resolution this year and so far, is going pretty well. The resolution that I made to restrict my use of mobile phone. The fact is that like many others I am too addicted to this device and can’t live without. This addiction was so bad that I was wasting my precious hours playing games on my smart phone, surfing internet, using social networking apps and others. I used to keep playing till midnight because of which I was compromising with my study and sleep. I became victim of insomnia and my academic performance was badly affected and on my mother’s recommendation I made the resolution on 1st January this year that I will limit my use of this device and will try to keep it at distance as much as possible. It was not easy at all for the first couple of weeks but now could easily manage without it. The best thing is rather playing on machine now I join my friends in playground which helps me to remain physically fit and active. In addition, I switch off my mobile at sharp 9pm and after studying for some-time I hit the pillow. Now, I take a sleep of 8 hours daily which is crucial for my mental health and my academic performance is also improving. Overall, I am grateful to my mother to help me decide the resolution for this year.


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