14. TALK ABOUT AN AMBITION YOU HAVEN’T ACHIEVED. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

  • What ambition it is?                                                                             
  • -Why you couldn’t achieve it?                                                                              
  • -Why it is important for you?

Well, I am quite ambitious and the ambition that I couldn’t achieve till now is moving to a foreign country for my higher study. It is actually my dream for long time to travel to a developed country like Canada or US where I would like to complete my higher study. Many youngsters form my country move to developed countries for better prospects. For example, foreign universities are renowned for their quality education and their degrees and diplomas are recognized all over the world. In addition, the culture of “Earn while learn” helps youngsters to become self-dependent and responsible. I still remember, when I was in grade 10th one of my friends moved to Canada for further education and at that time I too wanted to migrate, butmy parents didn’t allow me as I was too young. Now last year when after completing 10+2 I planned the same,this time due to Corona there was a complete lockdown and I couldn’t start the visa filing process or anything. As a result, I couldn’t fulfil my ambition.Now I am all set to migrate this year as I don’t want to further delay the plans as my career settlement completely depends on this ambition. I am well aware that moving to a new country alone is not going to be a bed of roses, however, to fulfil this ambition I am ready to do whatever it takes. Overall, it is one ambition of mine which is yet to be completed.


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