13. TALK ABOUT SOMETHING THAT YOU GOT REPAIRED. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

-What did you break?                                                                                                         

 -How it got broken?
-How you got it repaired?

Well, these days we all possess many things and it is very common that things get broken and we have to get them repaired. Here I would share my experience of getting my mobile phone repaired. Actually almost 2 month ago I was playing with my friends and accidentally while playing my mobile slipped out of my pocket and the screen of the mobile got damaged. My heart sank as it was one of the most precious gifts I had received, at the same time my mobile had my memories in the form of pictures and the contacts of my friends and many other things so I got really worried, however one of my friends at that time suggested me that I should visit the service Centre to get it fixed. I visited the centre and there one of the executives checked my mobile, after checking he said, it would be repaired in a week time. Fortunately, he gave me a spare mobile to use during this time. Though it was not a smart phone like mine, however, it was good enough to stay in touch with my family and friends. Finally, the day arrived for which I was waiting eagerly and I reached the service Centre and I got extremely delighted to see my repaired mobile which was in perfect condition. I got amazed to hear that the service cost was just 2500rupees. I was so happy to see my old phone working again else I had to purchase a new one at much higher cost.


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