• -What crop it is?                                                                                           
  •   -When and where it is grown?                                                                       
  •   -What do you know about it?

Well, I come from Punjab a state known for agriculture. All types of crops are grown here but the one I would like to talk about is Wheat. Actually, Punjab is the biggest producer and consumer of wheat as wheat flour bread is part of staple food in this region. I am familiar with crop since I do not live too far from country area where in massive farms wheat is cultivated. The land of this region is highly fertile and the weather conditions are conducive to the production of this crop. Actually, my uncle is a farmer and I often visit his farms where he shows me how this crop is cultivated. The sowing of the crops take place in the month of November and it is harvested in the month of April and a very famous festival of Visakhi is associated with this crop as farmer begins the harvesting with this celebration. Wheat is not only associated with the culture of Punjab but it is also imperative to the local economy. The fact is that due to mechanization of farming the output of this crop has increased substantially and today millions of tons of wheat is exported internationally which contributes to the local economy. However, each year 30% of the produce could not reach the dinner plate due to poor management. Therefore, it is the need of the time that state should develop facilities like warehouses and Silos to ensure the food waste could be avoided along with the loss of nature. I believe this crop is going to remain integral to the local culture and economy in future too.


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